2020 Camps:    COVID-19 Modifications      

COVID-19 Modifications

June 5th 2020 updated

At Escape Adventures we want to ensure the health and safety of our riders, Coaches and our community.  We have implemented strategies that comply with provincial and local authorities’ guidelines.  We look forward to spending time on bikes with your rider, exploring the trails and building their bike skills.  

We have modified our practices for interacting safely with our riders, their families, our Coaches and community.  We will continue to make modification as needed.  

  • Physically distancing will be maintained during camp, at arrival and departure, 2m or 2 bike lengths
  • We are reducing our coach to rider ratio to 1:4; this may be increased as we move forward
  • We will be asking daily if riders and staff have fever, coughing, sneezing or flu like symptoms.  Riders and staff with any of these symptoms will be requested to stay home
  • Hand sanitizer will be carried by coaches to be used among the group.  To be used before and after eating, and before and after bathroom breaks. 
  • High touch point surfaces will have enhanced cleaning in place
  • Only one camp will begin and end at a time, with 30-minute intervals between each
  • If a coach is required to be within 2m of a rider, they will wear gloves and both rider and coach will wear masks. (Coach places mask on self first, then gloves, and then mask on rider)
  • Waivers and registrations must be completed online
  • For this season, we are not renting armour or full-face helmets.  If you need gear, we encourage you to purchase from a local bike shop.  Alternatively, armour from other sports can be used for mountain biking (e.g. hockey shin guards, volleyball knee pads)
  • If a camp must be cancelled due to COVID-19, families will receive a full refund