Registration Opens January 1, 2022!


  • What happens if COVID-19 regulations prevent the camp I signed up for, from running?
  • If my child is the required age for the camp, later in the year, can they still be registered?
  • How do I register my child for a camp?
  • Which camp is appropriate for my child?
  • My child is still within the age range of the camp that they have taken previously. Is my child going to learn anything more and be challenged?
  • What credentials do the Escape Coaching Team have?
  • Why is there a processing fee added to my total?
  • My rider is registered in a camp with a friend, can I ensure they are in the same group?
  • Where do the camps take place?
  • What do we do on the first day of camp?
  • What to wear?
  • What to bring?
  • Do you offer Before and After Camp Care? Not in 2021, due to COVID-19
  • Do you offer Private Lessons?
  • Do you offer adult bike lessons?

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