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Cancellation and Other Policies

Thanks for reading over the policies below so we all have the same knowledge.

Please contact us at 604 307 BIKE (2453) or, if you have any questions.



If your child is unable to attend the camp that you have signed up for, please notify Escape Adventures in writing 14 days in advance.  A 6% administration fee will apply.  Less than 14 days in advance will be subject to 100% penalty.

Escape Adventures understands unpredictable situations arise.

Give us a call – 604 307 BIKE (2453), we’ll have a chat.


Skill Requirement Policy

Please review and ensure your child meets the requirements for this camp.  

If your child does not meet these requirements on Day 1 and we are not able to place them in another appropriate camp, we will NOT be able to refund your registration fee.    Thank you for understanding.


Friend Request Policy

We make an effort to create groups that ensure each rider is kept engaged and in their challenge zone. This ensures cohesiveness and a better experience for all the riders.  Groups are dependent on the skill ability of all children attending the camp that week.

Friend requests will be noted but cannot be guaranteed.



Missed Class Policy

It is the responsibility of the rider to be present for each day of camp. Escape Adventures will not rebook your rider into additional days when days are missed.  Escape Adventures understands unpredictable situations arise.  Give us a call – 604 307 BIKE (2453), we’ll have a chat.


Armour and Helmet Policy

The obvious – wearing a helmet while riding a bike.  It is the law.

The not so obvious – Full face helmets are required for Extreme Riders, The Shore Shredders and The Rippers, Fromme. For those that are riding higher than Bobsled on Fromme Mtn, a full face helmet is strongly recommended, especially if this is new terrain for your child. 

Arm and leg pads are required for Extreme Riders, The Shore Shredders and The Rippers, Fromme.  It is optional for all other camps. Other appropriate forms of protective pads are skateboard pads, soccer shin pads and roller blade pads. 


Lost and Found

Escape Adventures is not responsible for lost items.  Please encourage your rider to be responsible for their belongings. However, if you are missing something, ask the Escape Team about our Missing Items Box.  All lost items are kept for the riding season and then if unclaimed, will be donated.