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Day 1 Camp Overview

What to Expect on Day 1

Day 1 differs from every other day of the week.  Riders are assessed and groups are formed based on the skills of each rider.  These groups are subject to change during the week, if needed.

You and your rider can expect to:

  1. Arrive in the parking lot at Upper Lynn Elementary school
  2. Be greeted by Escape Adventures Coaches who will help remove bikes from cars, if needed
  3. Head to the back field of Upper Lynn Elementary to submit or sign waivers. **Waivers can be found on this link. It is very helpful to come to Day 1 with your appropriate waivers signed**
  4. Submit waivers to the Escape Adventures tent and check in.
  5. Have your rider create a Race/name plate to attach to their bike.
  6. If armour was rented, it can be fit and obtained at the Escape Adventures tent.
  7. Head to your appropriate camp sign. This is where your riders’ camp will be meeting their Coaches.

Additional Day 1 Activities

  • Bike and Helmet check

  • Skill Building Games

    Bike games used to assess riders skill levels and introduce riders to skills  to ensure they are placed in an appropriate group

  • Team Building Activities

    Numerous activities used to “break the ice” which allows riders to become more familiar with one another

  • Whistle Story

    This story allows riders to realize that their whistles are only to be used for emergencies.  They each receive their very own whistle


Your rider will be riding with a backpack, each day.

Please ensure it contains food, water, extra warm layers, and a spare tube.

We look forward to riding with you on Day 1 and the rest of the week!




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