Upper Lynn Elementary School

Escape Adventures is thrilled to bring Upper Lynn Elementary School their very own After School Bike Program, on Tuesdays!!


We will be offering sessions on Fromme and in the Demo Forest!

Those riding Fromme need to have…

  • bike with a 24″ wheel diameter or larger, mandatory
  • armour and a full face helmet, mandatory
  • spent time riding technical trails, such as Richard Juryn and Circuit 8 in the Demo Forest
  • acquired riding skills such as the use of level pedals
  • an understanding that different body positions are used for decent and ascent
  • a realize that a rider needs to pedal up before they have the joy associated with going down

Those riding in the Demo Forest need to have…

  • bike with a 20″ wheel diameter or greater
  • half shell helmet, armour optional
  • the ability to ride the 3 blocks, on the road, to the Demo Forest
  • the ability to start and stop on their own, ride in control and feel comfortable pushing their bike, if necessary.
6-12y yrs. 1:6

Day one, all students meet on gravel field in back of Upper Lynn Elementary

After assessment, either meet at Fromme parking lot (north end) or in front of Upper Lynn Elementary (Demo Forest riders)

Program Dates/Times/Costs

7 weeks

Tuesday, April 28, May 5, 12, 19, 26, June 2, 9, 16, 2020.

Time: 4-6pm

Cost:  $245.00 + GST, per child


Please ensure that your child’s bike is in good operational order and is an appropriate fit.

Your rider will be shredding in all weather, please dress accordingly.

What to Bring

The obvious: bike and helmet

The not so obvious: a spare tube, snack (no nuts please) and water, to be carried in a back pack.


Drop Off & Pick Up Schedule

Day 1 – 4pm and 6pm  @  Upper Lynn Elementary – 1540 Coleman St, North Vancouver BC


Fromme Riders – Day 2-7

4pm @ Fromme Mountain

Go to the very top of Mountain Hwy.  Pass through the yellow gate and follow the road to the divide and proceed down the hill into the parking lot. Escape Coaches will be to your left.

6pm @ Upper Lynn Elementary – 1540 Coleman St, North Vancouver BC


Demo Forest Riders – Day 2-7

4pm and 6pm – Upper Lynn Elementary – 1540 Coleman St, North Vancouver BC