The Shore Shredders - Summer/Kilmer The Shore Shredders - Summer

The Shore Shredders – Summer

The Shore Shredders is for riders 8 years and older that would like to start riding the trails on Fromme Mountain.   This camp is for those transitioning from The Rippers to Extreme Riders.

The first two days of camp are spent advancing their level pedal, body position, climbing skills and building confidence while riding on the more technical trails in the Seymour Demonstration Forest.  Riders will be sessioning trails such as John Thompson, Circuit 8, and Richard Juryn.  The final 3 days will be spent on Fromme Mountain shredding  Roadside Attraction, King of the Shore, Bobsled, Floppy Bunny, and the Griffen.  Building skills, confidence and a passion!!

8-13+ yrs. 1:6

Riders will have the opportunity to give back to their trails by spending time involved in trail maintenance through the NSMBA Youth Stewardship Program.  In 2019 our riders gave 500+ hours of time working on the trails.  The NSMBA (North Shore Mountain Biking Association) provides excellent instruction and guidance.

Program Dates/Times/Costs


The weeks of

June 22, 2020

June 29 July 3, 2020       **Use BOOK JULY&AUGUST button; 4 day week as No Session, July 1, 2020**

July 2020 – all weeks

August 2020 – all weeks


9am to 3pm


5 days – $450 +GST

4 days  – $365 +GST              *due to Statutory Holiday*




24″wheel or larger is mandatory and a full face helmet; armour (leg and arm).  Plus a solid skill level to ride Bobsled and Upper Griffen.

Have spent time riding the technical trails in the Demo Forest (Richard Juryn and Circuit 8).  Have acquired riding skills such as the use of level pedals, have an understanding that different body positions are used for decent and ascent and realize that a rider needs to go up before they have the joy associated with going down.


Your rider will be shredding in all weather, please dress accordingly


What to Bring

To bring: bike, helmet, a spare tube, snack, lunch (no nuts please) and water carried in a backpack by the rider.

Drop Off & Pick Up Schedule

Monday and Tuesday:

9am and 3pm – Upper Lynn Elementary School – 1540 Coleman Ave, North Vancouver


Wednesday, Thursday and Friday:

9am – Fromme Mountain

Go to the very top of Mountain Hwy.  Pass through the yellow gate and follow the road to the divide and proceed down the hill into the parking lot. Escape Coaches will be to your left.

3pm – Upper Lynn Elementary School – 1540 Coleman Ave, North Vancouver