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The Rippers – Fall Weekends

Trails, trails and more trails!!

The Rippers is for riders in the early to intermediate stages of their mountain bike skills development.   This Saturday camp has either a morning or afternoon session.  

Our focus will be on advancing our body positioning, level pedals, gears and climbing techniques.  We will also introduce the concepts of riding different lines and cornering. 

The Rippers will explore the trails of the Seymour Demonstration Forest, such as Fun Trail, Rocky Road, Slippery Snake, and many more.  As the weeks progress and the skills build, your rider may be experiencing more technical trails like Richard Juryn.  

All riders will be assessed on day 1 and placed into appropriate skill groups.   

Skills only get better with practice, so come out with the Escape Team and put a few more kilometers on those tires!!

5-8+ yrs.

If my child is the required age for the camp, later in the year, can they still be registered?


As long as your child is the required age within the calendar year, you can register them for the camp.

Program information


Saturdays – September 7/14/21/28 October 5/19, 2024
**No session on Thanksgiving Weekend – October 12, 2024**


9am to 12pm


1pm to 4pm


$375 + GST


  • 16″ wheel and larger
  • Comfortable starting and stopping, riding in control, riding up and down hills.  There are 3 blocks of road riding to reach the Demo Forest.  
What to Bring

The Obvious – bike and helmet.

The Not So Obvious – a spare tube (mandatory), specific to your wheel circumference, snack, (no nuts please), water and layers, all carried in a backpack by the rider

Can my child always ride with their friend?

We make every effort to keep friends together, but it cannot be guaranteed.

Our groups are created to ensure each rider is kept engaged and in their challenge zone. This creates a cohesive group and a better experience for all the riders.  

The groups are defined by the skills of all the children attending that week.




Please ensure that your child’s bike is tuned up and ready to roll a few weeks prior to coming to camp.  Bike stores are very busy so phone and make an appointment for the tune up.

Having your child’s bike in good operational condition will create a positive experience for your child.

Drop Off & Pick Up Schedule

AM Session: 9am or 12pm – Upper Lynn Elementary – 1540 Coleman St, North Vancouver BC

PM Session: 1pm or 4pm – Upper Lynn Elementary – 1540 Coleman St, North Vancouver BC