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Survive the Shore

The only way to Survive the Shore is as a TEAM!!

This camp is for riders in both the early and intermediate stages of their bike skills development.

You and your fellow riders will experience a variety of adventures.  This includes lots of riding, to build mountain bike skills, while exploring the trails of the Seymour Demonstration Forest, and possibly Fromme.  We will also ride our bikes to The Hive, for a rock climbing session, and to The Ecology Center for the Forest Quest program.  The search and rescue prevention program, Hug A Tree and Survive by BC AdventureSmart, is also included in this  fun filled week.   

On day 1, riders will be sorted into skill based groups.  

Those at the higher skill level may have the opportunity to ride trails on Fromme, such as Roadside Attraction, Bobsled and King of The Shore.  This will be based on coaches’ discretion.    

Come join the Escape Team of Coaches and Survive the Shore together!!




6-13+ yrs.

If my child is the required age for the camp, later in the year, can they still be registered?


As long as your child is the required age within the calendar year, you can register them for the camp.

Program information


The weeks of

June 24, 2024
July 2, 2024     **4 day week due to stat holiday**
July 15, 2024
July 22, 2024
July 29, 2024
August 6, 2024     **4 day week due to stat holiday**
August 19, 2024
August 26, 2024


9:30am to 3:30pm


5 days – $595 +GST
4 days  – $475 +GST *due to Statutory Holiday*



If your child does not have the skills to be able to ride the terrain for their camp, we will try to fit them into another camp. 

If we are not able to place them into an appropriate camp, we will not be able to refund your registration fee. 

Let’s have a chat and find a solution that will work well for us both.

  • 20” wheeled bike or larger
  • Riders must be able to ride on two wheels, independently and confidently along gravel paths with small obstacles, go up and down hills and use their brakes in a controlled fashion and ride distances, for the whole day.
What to Bring
  • The obvious: Bike and Helmet.
  • The not so obvious: Water, lunch (no nuts), spare tube (mandatory), all in a backpack to be carried by the rider.
Can my child always ride with their friend?

We make every effort to keep friends together, but it cannot be guaranteed.

Our groups are created to ensure each rider is kept engaged and in their challenge zone. This creates a cohesive group and a better experience for all the riders.  

The groups are defined by the skills of all the children attending that week.




Please ensure that your child’s bike is tuned up and ready to roll a few weeks prior to coming to camp.  Bike stores are very busy so phone and make an appointment for the tune up.

Having your child’s bike in good operational condition will create a positive experience for your child.

Drop Off & Pick Up Schedule

For July and August

Day Drop Off Pick Up
Monday ¹ Upper Lynn Upper Lynn
Tuesday ¹ Upper Lynn Upper Lynn
Wednesday Upper Lynn Upper Lynn
Thursday Upper Lynn The Hive
Friday Upper Lynn Upper Lynn

For June

Day Drop Off Pick Up
Monday ¹ Kilmer Park Kilmer Park
Tuesday ¹ Kilmer Park Kilmer Park
Wednesday Kilmer Park Kilmer Park
Thursday Kilmer Park The Hive
Friday Kilmer Park Kilmer Park

Upper Lynn Elementary: 1540 Coleman St, North Vancouver

The Hive:  2270 Dollarton Hwy #140, North Vancouver

Kilmer Park:  1700 Dempsey Rd, North Vancouver

¹ If registered for a week starting on a Tuesday (due to a statutory holiday), the first day will have the same schedule as Monday on this chart.