Registration Now Open!

Capture the Shore

Have you ever watched a mountain biking video with professional riders?  Now your rider can be the star of the show!!

Capture the Shore takes the riders into the world famous trails of the North Shore and films their skills, their techniques, their stunts, their corners, their drops, their skinnies, their ladders and more…… Our camera captures your rider making their way down the trail.

Riders will have input into what to film, where to film, angles to film and all the various aspects of filming.  Unleash their creativity!!

All this footage is compiled into a production with music.  A link will be sent out to riders to view in the comfort of their home theatres and send out to Grandparents and friends.

Capture your rider shredding The Shore and keep it forever!!

Check out our video from July 2019!

**On Hold**  Riders will have the opportunity to give back to their trails by spending time involved in trail maintenance through the NSMBA Youth Stewardship Program.  In 2019 our riders gave 500+ hours of time working on the trails.  The NSMBA (North Shore Mountain Biking Association) provides excellent instruction and guidance.

8-13+ yrs.

If my child is the required age for the camp, later in the year, can they still be registered?


As long as your child is the required age within the calendar year, you can register them for the camp.

Program information


The week of

  • July 19, 2021

10am to 4pm


5 days – $550
* Full refunds will be issued if camps are cancelled due to COVID-19 regulations.*


  • 24″ wheel bike or larger
  • Riders must be able to ride independently and confidently, along single track trails with roots and rocks, with steep downhill portions and have the ability to climb to get to the trail head.  Must be comfortable riding trails like Expresso, Leppard, Crinkum Crankum, Kirkford, Bobsled, Floppy Bunny and The Griffens on Fromme Mountain.
  • Full face helmet and knee & elbow pads, a must, when riding on Fromme Mountain.
What to Bring
  • The Obvious: Bike and Helmet and knee & elbow pads
  • The Not So Obvious: Water, lunch (no nuts), spare tube (mandatory), all in a backpack, to be carried by the rider.

Your rider will be shredding in all weather, please dress accordingly

Drop Off & Pick Up Schedule


10am and 4pm – Upper Lynn Elementary: 1540 Coleman St, North Vancouver

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday:

10am – Fromme Mountain at the water towers

Go to the very top of Mountain Hwy.  Pass through the yellow gate and follow the road to the divide and proceed down the hill into the parking lot. Escape Coaches will be in the North end of the parking lot.

4pm – Upper Lynn Elementary: 1540 Coleman St, North Vancouver